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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Catch up day for March photo challenge 6-9

I have been so busy with orders lately that I have not been able to play along with the daily 
March Photo Challenge.
I have taken pictures,but just hadn't gotten on here to post any.
 So today is my catch up day.
 I last left off at 5...
so my next one would be 6
challenge 6 -5pm
I give you my bird who likes to scream around 5pm for his treats!

challenge 7-something you wore
I wore layers for a Stone mountain hike as I thought it would be cold at the top..
yah, not so much.

challenge 8-window
shhh don't tell my husband I took his picture. LOL

challenge 9 -Red
How about a poppy painting I did.

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