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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Photo Challenge 18-19-20

Photo Challenge 18  -Drink

One of my Favorite drinks come from this machine right here. 
Love my morning coffee and now thanks to my new Keurig I can make it and not waste what I do not drink like I use to do when I would make a pot of coffee. 

Photo Challenge 19  -Something I hate to do

You may laugh, but I hate painting photo frames.
 I do not know why as it is one of the easiest things I do, but I just hate painting them. :)

Photo Challenge 20 -Hand writing

This is my hand writing. :P


Frankie said...

What are these photos from? I am lost with the photo challenge thing. Will you explain to me again because.. well.. Im slow sometimes ;)

Frankie said...

Okay wait! I saw the little chart as I moved down. :) Got it! I will do a photo challenge later this evening starting with today. I have parent teacher conferences tonight.. yeah!!! No im kidding.. not yeah. booo actually. :)

Debstar said...

Do you paint little flowers on your photo frames to make them all artsy? If you do I'd love to see how they come out.

As for the handwriting; you're welcome.