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Saturday, November 26, 2011

A custom order for a Steelers fan

I was contacted by a wonderful man (Rich) in regards to making him a rather large Steelers Logo on 20 inch diameter round plexi glass to go inside a display cabinet he had made to hold all his Steelers collectibles.

I received the plexi glass on a Thursday and I was asked sooo nicely if I could have it done before Thanksgiving so he could share it with his family that was visiting. 
So I took the challenge.

As soon as it came via UPS I had to get my husband to help me open the box as it was in with more plexi glass. Once I pulled it out I was a little shocked at how big it was and thought I will not have this done in a weeks time.
The Friday morning first thing (well after coffee) I started on the outline using black glass paint leading.

once it dried enough thanks to my little lamp, I started to add in the color.

but I wasn't done Rich had a smaller one that I had done and it had glitter on it so he asked if this large one could be glittered too.

once that was done I did the outline and edge

yeah, other then adding the varnish this is now done.
I got this on a Thursday and was able to give it to Rich (well his brother as he was on his way up from Tampa and was going right by my house) on Tuesday.  This surely has been a fun project for me and in person it looks AWESOME! 

Rich, I thank you and I hope you enjoy!
Once he has it placed in his cabinet he will send me a picture of it with all it's glory and I will surely pass it on here :)

I just LOVE painting with Glass paints as you can surely get the stained glass look without the stained glass price!

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