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Monday, October 10, 2011

Featured on this weeks Fantastic Five-Snail Mail

Hey everyone. I have got to share a link with you to go check out on

It is this weeks Fantastic Five featuring- SNAIL MAIL (by Judy)

Judy writes the ‘Fantastic Five column where she features 5 Zibbet items every week. She is the owner of four Zibbet shops: Portable Graffiti Graphics, Portable Graffiti buttons, Proofreader, and Wild Goose Chase vintage, crafts and supplies. You can follow Judy on Facebook.

One of my cards made it into this delightful collection of Handmade cards that will tempt. you.

Everyone likes to find a personal letter or card in the mailbox along with all those bills. In today’s Fantastic Five you can find the perfect solution for all your “snail mail” needs.
I think my favorite are the hand-painted bird cards, but really they are all as wonderful as the next and very deserving to have their shops checked out for more incredible finds!

Check it out and see for yourself:

Fantastic Five: Snail Mail

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