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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Something I am working on between painting glass..

SO, I am a big fan of the teenage shows, Vampire Diaries, and the new Teen Wolf and trust me it is not like the 80's version with Michael J. Fox. Yah I know, kinda silly being 43 and watching what teenagers do. heh heh Oh and I can not leave out True Blood... oh that is my favorite and it starts back on Sunday...yeah!  

I have seen the Twilight movies, but I am not a big fan. Of course I thank my daughter for getting me started in these shows and find them as a great escape from reality. Reality..ahhh yes... the every day life of cleaning the house, doing yard work and painting, drawing and crafting. LOL I think I should be on the real housewives of Atlanta...shoot... but my shopping consist of going to Michael's and Hobby Lobby....LOL and this girl is not afraid to get her nails dirty!

Sense I have been working on a few EOD glass art projects I started also doing something on a 8x10 canvas panel. I am working on a wearwolf and I am doing it with oil pastels and using mineral oil and a paint brush to blend. I am working on it between coats of my glass paints. Just doing something for fun and trying out a new technique.

This is what I did last night... I painted a canvas panel black with acrylic paint then I drew it out and started using the pastels...

This morning I worked on it a little more...mind you this is not close to being done... I am just doing this in my spare time. heehee

I kinda like the roughness it has using the oil pastels as it is not smooth as if I were using oil paints.
I don't know. Something I am playing around with. I will work on it some more in between other things I am doing. It is not high on my priority list. 
I will show you updates on it and how it is coming along. I just wanted to show you something a bit different that I am doing as you normally see cutesy stuff I make . I don't think this is to cute. Rather creepy really. 
Besides, has anyone ever met a nice werewolf?

Speaking of oil pastels...check out this guy!

I really need to get me some of those oil pastels pencils!!

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interesting. Glad to be following you! I posted that zibbet blog about follow fellow bloggers...I'll be back! :))