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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

explosive ordnance disposal (EOD) art on etsy

Hey everyone.
I just listed 2 new item's in my etsy shop. These are something I would love to offer in my zibbet store, but they seem to get more attention and move faster on etsy. Today I listed another EOD Master Badge with a flag back ground. This would be a neat gift for an master tech you may know. Great to hang on a wall in a game room!

Now this 2nd one just added is very popular. I can not make these fast enough due to a soar hand that doesn't work to well when I have to take time to squeeze the paint out to write on these. This EOD wife prayer I did a little different this time. This one I added an American flag to. These and my pendants are really great to give to your wife or give as a gift to a wife when PCS'ing.

I hope you like my new items. 
Here are a cpl more that you can find as well in my etsy shop under EOD item's

Thanks for looking. Be safe!

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