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Saturday, May 14, 2011

A fun day Kayaking and creepy cicada's

The other day we decided to go Kayaking at Indian Springs. Well, I have to tell yah as soon as I stepped out of the truck you could hear this weird noise. I mean it was alien like. There was this couple that were loading up their canoe next to us and they told us that the noise we were hearing were cicada's. I am not talking the normal greenish brown kind you hear in the summer either.

 We are in the middle of the 13 year cicada brood apparently and They are 1.5 to 2 in long. Everywhere! Holy cow I have NEVER seen these things and the noise or shall I say song was crazy loud a high-pitched whirring sound. Here is a youtube video about the type of 17 year cicada's life cycle so you get the idea: 

The news say they are the 13 year kind but I looked on the net to compare pictures of the ones I saw and they look like the 17 year kind.  These things were everywhere! The periodical cicadas are about 30 percent smaller than the annual cicadas, And periodical cicadas have bright red eyes.

Commonly mistaken for locusts, they don't bite and aren't harmful to humans or crops. JUST CREEPY!
So I looked online to and this is what I found:Throughout the U.S. South and as far north as Illinois and Indiana, a noisy and bizarre insect ritual is playing out for the first time since 1998. After living quietly underground for 13 years, billions of red-eyed cicadas -- dubbed the "Great Southern Brood" by scientists -- are emerging to mate and quickly die. Yah can you say eeeewwww!!

"The most common description I've heard is that it's an alien invasion," said Nancy Hinkle, a University of Georgia professor of entomology. "It sounds like the mother ship is hovering down in the woods." LOL yah it really does!
There are several theories behind the cicadas' strange and lengthy life cycle.
One is that it is nature's "shock and awe" approach to produce an overwhelming number of cicadas at one time so that predators can't possibly eat them all.

Many animals love to munch on cicadas, including turkeys, raccoons, skunks and coyotes ad Geese and Ducks!!! LOL the ones swimming in the lake were fat and Happy! 

These creepy things were all over in the water.  At first I was freaking out, then I was trying to save them!! 

LOL It would freak me out  (and thankfully I had a hat on) cause sometimes one would clip my head! eeewwwwww
But other then that creepiness and oh James had a leach on his leg...another eeewwww moment we had a good time.



Are you creeped out now or what? 
This is my video of the "song" of these creepy and LOUD things!


Tiffany said...

The only thing creepier than that are those damned SPIDERS!!!!!!

Tara said...

Actually found it interesting but they do look a little creepy yeah lol Thanks for sharing, loved the photos!

Creation's by Gena said...

LOL Tiffany! I forgot about those SPIDERS!! That was the hardest I EVER LAUGHED girl!!! I had no idea you were that afraid of them. LOL You just never know what you might get when Kayaking!

Thanks Tara! I have never seen these before and had no clue about them so I had to share. Afterall, it will be another 13 or 17 years before we see them again around here.