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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

From creepy crawly to cute and fuzzy

Those that follow my blog saw a few days ago pictures of one of our Kayaking trips of the wonderful creepy crawlies that were every where. Well today I gotta share with you a cute warm and fuzzy!

Yesterday when I got back from the grocery store my husband noticed one of our cats in the flower bed chasing something. I was at the car when I heard him scream it is a baby opossum.
I went running up to see. At first I could not find her, then under a weed, yes a weed I saw it.
This adoarable cute and scared little baby. Oh my goodness I had to get it before my cat ate it. I ran inside and grabbed a old towel and quickly chased this little burgar in the flower bed and up my front stoop till I got it. It made this adoarable hiss noise to "scare" me off. LOL to to cute.

I then checked her out and yes it was a baby girl, and she was not hurt and I took her inside and showed my husband.  I have rescued many baby squirrels in my life time and released them back into the wild, but I have never encountered a baby opossum. 

So we decided to drive down to Noah's Arc animal rehabilitation center for animals and children.
Here is where we dropped her off to be cared for correctly and they do an awesome job with rescued animals. The lady told me they had a couple babies in the back and she would be fine. Then she asked if I looked around for any more babies as the mama has more then one. "I did" I told her and just saw this one. Poor little thing. 
ANyhow these are pictures of the little cute fuzzy girl that was saved. I had to wait for my cell phone to charge before I could get the pictures off it to put on here.

As you can see by this last picture she is really small. Cute cute and talk about a warm and fuzzy. It is always nice to save something!

My sister-in-law and her husband will be coming up late tonight so we decided tomorrow to go back to Noah's Arc sense they have never been there and show them around. So I will blog about that trip and show pictures on here tomorrow. Till then I hope you all have a great day! I am going to enjoy a little time off from crafting and enjoy some R&R while they are in town.

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awww... how cute!!