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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crazy Weather..

Oh my goodness! I woke up this morning to the temp being 45 outside and the Northern parts had frost warnings last night...yikes!!

The weatherman was saying they call this a blackberry winter
It’s early May and the blackberry bushes are brightening field edges and roadsides with masses of pure white flowers that are beginning to bloom. When these same blackberry flower-filled days and nights are really, really chilly, the old timers refer to it as
 “Blackberry Winter.” 

blackberry flower

Old timers have a name for just about every "cold snap" in the spring:  dogwood winter when the dogwoods are blooming, azalea winter when the azaleas are blooming, etc....but blackberry winter is the "grand-daddy" of 'em all, typically occures just before or right arund Mother's Day, and is usually the last siginificant burst of cold weather before late spring and summer warming settles in.

It is strange to think just a few days ago I was getting my pool ready and now I am trying to find a blanket to drape over me while I sit on the couch shivering cause I am cold for silly me left the windows open last night.

Well, at least my Husky is loving this little cold snap.

All I got to say is..ahhhhh Crazy weather...You got to love it!

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