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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

PIF listings now in my zibbet store

So I decided on top of doing my random giftie's that I do on my blog I am also going to do PIF's in my zibbet shop.

If you are not a Zibbet Seller: PIF or "pay it forward" is a random act of kindness where the recipient instead of doing a good deed to the person who "deeded" them, passes the kind gesture onto someone else. If you do not sell on zibbet, it is ok. You are still welcome to make a purchase of a PIF item that I and others offer. In return just be sure to leave feedback for me if you buy one of my items please please :) If you don't know about zibbet please check them out more here:

A PIF LISTING: Pay it Forward listing is any thing up to a dollar with free shipping. If you choose to buy a PIF item you are obligated to put a PIF listing in your shop and tell us about it here:

So I hope you will play along with me. I have alot of items in my zibbet shop under 5.00! So be sure to check them out and save on shipping!

Oh, and I do plan on sharing with you my PIF goodies I get!
Now off to shop!

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Frankie said...

Hey Gina. Those cards down below are beautiful by the way. Very beautiful. I am sad that I missed the giveaway! darn it all. I have been giving the avon thing ONE LAST TRY. I know I say that alot .. but this time. .I mean it. I made a blog for it and we will see how it works out.. I am giving it about a month to do anything. If nothing.. then. I am done. Miss you! Keep safe.. Those storms are really messing everything up around these parts.