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Sunday, March 6, 2011

You gotta love dogs....

Apollo,Gena,Dakota Jan. 2010
There is one thing on this planet that loves unconditionally.  It’s one thing that will love you every second.  One thing that doesn't care about your strange quirks or how much money you have.  Clothes and cars don't matter to them.  The most important thing in their world is you.  All they need is love.  These things are dogs.

Dogs have astounding effects on humans.  One look into a pet shop window and you're smitten.  From the first moment you lay your eyes on a dog in that store, you just know.  There’s a connection, a sort of invisible magnetic field that tells you: this is the dog that will worship you, no matter who you are.  The only thing these creatures ask for is a loving home, and in return they give you the most special adoration that no other animal could ever harness.  There is truly a dog for anyone on Earth—a tiny poodle to fit into designer bags for the fashion conscious, a guiding collie to help the aged, a Labrador puppy for the budding family.  It doesn't matter; as long as the owner provides love, the dog will be more than happy.  Dogs are evidently warming to the heart.  For example, we all cried for the dog we never even knew in Marley & Me.  If Marley had been a fish, or even a hamster, would we have felt the same emotion when he died?  I think not.  No animal connects like a dog does. 

Creatures like cats can give love, but they would rather be sleeping on the windowsill or outside chasing grass hoppers.  They don't interact and play like a dog does.  Maybe that’s why dogs seem so special.  My own dogs has given me countless memories.  

I remember when my kids were younger, playing in a huge pile of autumn leaves.  My beloved  Malamute hybrid Dakota , who was a young pup at the time, came out and played in the leaves with the kids.  It was so much fun watching the way he weaved through the leaves, keeping his head low looking for someone hiding in the pile. When the kids would throw the leaves up in the air he would try and jump up and bite the leaves when the fell back down.
  I also remember the time Dakota ran off ignoring our calls to come back.  My Husky Apollo ran off when we first got him and we found him in another county all together. I guess they were on a mission, chasing squirrels or rabbits in the case of Apollo and pawing butterflies.    
Today, I only have one Husky, Apollo sense Dakota passed last May 2010 and Apollo is the mascot of our family now, even if he does think he’s the alpha around other dogs.  We love him, so he loves us.  I wouldn't exchange him for anything in the world!  Although, sometimes I wish he did more then be a rug. Dakota was always in play mode. Someday, I would love to get another Hybrid, in my opinion they are the best breed. Although, not for everyone like most breeds.
 Dogs are dogs.  All they expect from you is love, and all you need to truly expect from them is more love.  Dogs are the heartbeat of a puppy, the nuzzle of a cold nose, the touch of soft fur…one of the greatest gifts in the world.  I am trying now to talk my husband into a Husky puppy as the one year anniversary of Dakota's death approaches and poor Apollo being a pack animal needs a play mate.
hmmmm Don't think my two cats would like that!

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