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Thursday, March 10, 2011

some fun OSWOA watercolors

I was bored this morning so I pulled out my watercolors and did these.

This art is painted with watercolors on a 4x6 foam board. I added some fun faux flowers on it as well for a little 3d effect and a bit of whimsy.

My peach tree out front was the inspiration to this and thus name "Spring Peaches".

painted on foam board as well, this one was based off my large
acrylic painting I've done.

Now here is the kicker, if I told you I did these in 5 min each...would you say they look like a 5 min. painting? LOL

*OSWOA (Original Small Work Of Art). OSWOA's measure 4" x 6" and are original works - one of a kind. 

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Frankie said...

Spring peaches is really cute. I like that. I have never heard of the OSWOA acronym. I need to do more research I guess.. ;)