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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So, I was thinking about give aways to do...

So I have been thinking..
As I am doing so much collage art these days and  doing new techniques I am discovering I have a gathering of goodies around my studio. So I was thinking about giving some items away. Yep yep. Not sell, but give them to my blogger followers that might want them. What do you think? 

I figure I will post something on here and I will note on it that it is  a give away and it is pretty much first person that comment that they want it I will mail it to them ( I will note if it is open to non US residents cause some items might be heavy and I wont be able to mail outside the US) just make sure you send me an email your address. How does that sound? Anyone game?

Now all I ask is you to come back and make a comment about your goodie when you get it back on the page it was listed on in my blog, or in the give away area that I will make a new tab for above. You can even post it on your blog or what not. I am just trying to be more interactive. I am not sure how many I will do, could be one a week, one a day, one a month.. Just never know. I got to keep it interesting for you and me!

So be sure to keep an eye out, share my blog with others if you like, I am always looking for new people to follow myself. The more the merrier I say. heehee

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