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Thursday, March 17, 2011

OSWOA Print give away #1

Be sure to follow my blog and keep an eye out for random give aways like this 1st one
and be the first person to make a comment on that give away post that you want it. 

That's it.

Right now I have such a small following I can do it like this, but if it gets bigger I will then do a random drawing.

You never know what I might post as give aways (prints, aceo's, even paintings on canvas or glass) that could be "Happy Mail" coming your way!

I am always painting, crafting and just have an abundance of  stuff and I wanted to share some freebies with friends. :)

oh, and if you follow my facebook fan page... I give a heads up of what is to come, but you wont know when it will be posted onto my blog! So wrong huh. But fun! 
Aren't you excited now?!
"Dog Treat" 

 This is a 4x6 ART PRINT from an Original Acrylic painting I did.
I put it on foam board using a spray glue adhesive. It is pretty easy to take off if you wanted to.
You can use this in a art journal, scrapbook or just put it in a 4x6 frame and hang it some place.
What ever you like I leave that up to you :)

Please just leave a comment below if you might want this one and the first person that does, well it will be heading to you! Please be sure to shoot me an email with your address so I can be sure to mail it to you.

That simple.
Oh, and I do not share your info with anyone.I am just trying to create a little fun here for anyone that is interested.
And yes this giftie is open to US and other countries as it is light weight and wont cost much to mail.

Sooooooooo, who want's this???


Ms.Karen said...

Your work is so awesome!
I love this doggy. Do you have any schnauzer paints?

~ ♥ ~ Totes and Handbags by Ms.Karen ~ ♥ ~



Creation's by Gena said...

Sweet sweet Karen, You have all 3 of my art prints heading your way :) Thank you for your interest in my work. I know this is just a print, but I will be offering other giveaway's too of actual art work so be sure to keep an eye out. I have not done a Schnauzer yet. I will surely write that down for something to do. Perhaps as a giveaway??? hmmmm