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Monday, February 14, 2011

Time to Vote on the 5 New Lucky Bugs design!!!

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

I just got an exciting email and I had to share it with you all and ask for your support/vote :).

I entered a little contest on that one of the other sellers was having.

Daresa Brenner's Lucky Bug Collectibles Zibbet Shop did a contest for design and story info for her new little lucky bugs line. The top 5 have been selected and my little Camo Joe was among 4 others and now voters are asked to pick their favorite. Voting starts today and will end on February 18th. The winner will actually win the lucky bug they designed. How cool is that!

Please click HERE to be taken to see more about this and to see the other bugs. I would LOVE to have your vote on Camo Joe although I know it will be hard as they are all so darn cute.

Please be sure to check out her shops as most of the Lucky Bugs are going to be sold exclusively in her new Lucky Bug Collectibles Zibbet Shop. A few will be in her original shop, Clay Art by Daresa,

If you have a lucky bug idea she is more then happy to make it come to life for you so please don't hesitate to contact her.

Thank you again Daresa for this fun contest and best of luck to all!

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Daresa said...

Great blog about the contest! hope you get lots of votes :-)