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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

EOD Explosive ordnance disposal Wife Prayer (sold) Thank You

I have had several request for these ever sense I made one for my friend a few months back.
Due to a hurt hand, it takes me time to create these as it is very hard for me to squeeze the glass leading out of the fine tip when I hand write the wife prayer onto the glass.

This one is now available to purchase in my zibbet store. However, due to it being a little humid it wont be ready to ship (as it hasn't fully cured) till Friday Feb. 11th.

I have a couple more in the making so if you miss out on this one, Please stay tuned to my zibbet store for more EOD wife listings :)

Oh I am so sorry but this one is now SOLD.

Thank you Gina T. in suffolk, va for your purchase of this wonderful wife prayer EOD badge art.
You had mentioned your husband was being deployed. I am so sorry to hear that. Many blessings go out to him and you.

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