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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Beach house Imagination Challenge Promt from Ustream - Inkwell

These are my draaawwing's of my "dream beach house" lol Dede was telling a story one day on one of her ustreams and those that want to play along could draw, paint what ever our dream house. I said that my house would be on the beach. Of course!!! Now, I am not sure how or if I will color this. I do know one thing., next time I will use a ruler! LOL

When we lived in Ft. Walton Bch we use to drive all over looking at houses. I fell in love with the ones down around RoseMary Beach I think it was. Anyhow, alot of houses at the beach seem to have these look out kinda towers and I just love them. Figure, if I am going to have a dream house..why not have my own tower too so I can watch the sunset and waves etc.

This is the Imagination Challenge Part one that Darcy typed up (THANKS Darcy) from Dede's story on ustream.

Part 1. Transcribed from ustream show Tuesday 1st Feb 2011

You are going for a walk, you are in a really artistic mood, when you come across a house. You can see that the house is vacant, but not run down. In fact it is a really nice house, but there is nobody living there. You walk up to it, and see that your name is on the mail box. You wonder what is going on, “Wow,here is a house with my name on it”

You are curious and walk up the winding hill, what does it look like? Is this your perfect house, the house of your dreams or childhood? Is it an old house that needs to be fixed up? Where is it, maybe on the beach? All you can see at this point is the outside, you have never been inside.

You go up the path, you see the garden. What kind of flowers are in your garden? What kind of hedges are there? Are there trees that line your path, what are they like? Is it dark and hard to see like in the woods, or is it open like a meadow? Are there wide spaces leading up to the house with fields of flowers? If it is a beach house, is there sand all around, sandunes, grasses, a gazillion seashells on your beach? What is the landscape around this house? What can you smell, can you smell the flowers or the wind? Are there gates?
You are now walking up the path to the house,can you see the front door, what does it look like? Is there a porch, a walkway,a portico? What is immediately in front of the house, before you reach the door?
You have reached the door, look at the door knob, what does it look like, what is it made from…glass,wood? Is this a modern door for a modern house, with crisp clean lines?

You go inside, you are in the foyer, what does it look like? Is it big, like in a mansion, with side tables and big flower arrangements? Or is it more low key and subtle? Is it clean and crisp or ornate? What decorations are there?

You notice a table off to one side, you can’t see it clearly as it is covered by a cloth. What kind of cloth? Oriental rug,silk cloth,magicians cloth?

You are wondering what is under the cloth, you should know, this is your house. You wander over to the table, you see a little note, a card…what does it look like? Is it simple with just your name on it, or maybe fancy and ornate like a wedding invitation? Is it next to the cloth, or attached to it? Is it pinned on?

It has your name on it, it is definitely for you. So you open up the card and inside is the greatest thing you have ever wanted. It says “ this is the thing you have always wanted” So you remove the cloth, and there it is! What is it, what is under that cloth, what is the greatest thing you have ever wanted? You are really excited, this is something you really want.

You look to one side and see a door leading to another room,this is the door to the library. Maybe the library is upstairs? Did you have to walk up the stairs, what were they like? Was there a tapestry carpet on the stairs or just wood stairs or heavy concrete stairs?

You reach the library door, What is this door like, wood,ornate with a fancy clasp, or a lionhead knocker. Describe the door, what is the texture like, is it heavy wood? Is it polished , is it light or very dark?
You open the door, what do you see. Floor to ceiling bookcases? Furniture,chairs by the window? A chess set in a corner, maybe a fireplace, is it a roaring fire?

You see a pedestal, where abouts in the room is it? By the big windows, or by the low long windows, is there a seating bench under the window? Are there some open books in a nook where you can sit and read?

There is one book on the pedestal, what does the book look like? What can you see on the cover? Is it a big book, really thick? Or just a thin book? An ornate design or simple?

It says on the cover “The Life Of…” and then it says your name… what is the full title of your book? This is a book of your life, what is it called? The book is fully illustrated, one page of text and the next is illustrated. Are the illustrations pen and ink drawings or are they all colour? What other books are in your library? Can you list them all?Is your life really interesting, maybe the whole library is full of books about you?

If interested you can catch inkwell (Dede) live on on Wed. and Thurs. at 9am look for Coffee and Art!

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