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Monday, January 17, 2011

Fragrance Oil Uses

So you want to buy some Fragrance oils and sample them out.
But... what do you do with them?

Here is a few suggestions on Fragrance oil uses.


Fragrance Oil Uses

Fragrance Oil is the same as fragrant oil, potpourri oil, refresher oil for potpourri, burning oils, and simmering oils. Fragrance oils are industrial grade oils (they are not the same as Essential Oils or Perfume Body Oils ) Fragrance Oils are used to make Potpourri, Candles, Incense, Sachets, Soaps, etc.
Use Fragrance Oils in lamp rings and other type diffusers to fragrance any room of your home.

Eliminate PET, COOKING and STALE Odors.

You can change the atmosphere of any room, quickly and economically with fragrance oils.

Fragrance oils are a great alternative to burning candles because they are environmentally safe & friendly, cleaner to diffuse, eliminate waxy odor, much stronger, more versatile, less expensive then candles, and offer more fragrances from which to choose.

 Use Fragrance Oil in A Cold Diffuser, Such As, Ceramic and Terracotta Diffusers. Add 2-3 eyedroppers of Fragrance Oil to unglazed hanging diffusers and fill halfway for glazed diffusers. Use an old twist tie to hang. Where to use a cold diffuser:

  • Hang In Closet to Keep Closets Smelling Fresh
  • Hang in Car As a Car Air Freshener
  • Hang a Diffuser in Front of your Heat Vent in Bathrooms

Fragrance Oils Are Strongest When Used With Heat such as:

  • Simmering them in Aroma Lamps
  • Simmer them in a Decorative Aroma Lamp, an old Potpourri Simmering Pot, or add 1-2 cap fulls to a Pot of Simmering Water On Your Stove
  • Use them in Lamp Rings
  • Add Some To The Melted Wax Of a Burning Candle
  • Add Some To Your Oil Lamp
  • Use Them In An Electric Type Plug-In Diffusers

Natural Odor Eliminators

  • Diffuse Orange, Lemon, or Citrus to Eliminate Pet, Cooking and Stale Odors
  • Diffuse Vanilla to Eliminate Tabacco Smoke Odors

Other Uses:

  • To Refresh or Make Potpourri:
    Place (3-6 months old)Old Potpourri In Plastic Bag. Add Enough Oil To Soak All Botanicals and Gently Shake Up. Keep In Bag Over Night So All Botanicals Get Re-Freshed. Place In Decorative Bowl.
  • To Make Candles, Soaps, and Incense
  • To Scent Crafts and Dried Flowers-Simply Wipe On
  • Place a half of bottle in the Base of Silk and Dry Flower arrangements
  • Soak a Cotton Ball and Place in Your Vacuum Cleaner Bag
  • Add Some to the Water In Your Rainbow Vacuum Cleaner
  • Add Some to the Water In Your Table Top Fountain
  • Make A Scented Sachet For Your Drawers
  • Make A Closet Refresher:
    Take a Small Glass Jar and Punch 6 Large Holes In Lid. Fill Jar With Cotton Balls and Add Fragrance Oil To Soak Cotton Balls. Place Lid On Jar and Place In Closet, Under Car Seat, or Any Inconspicuous Place
  • Place some on wet dish cloth or used dryer sheet and place it in your dryer.
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