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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Primitive Grubby Valentine Hearts ornie bowl fillers

I know Valentine's will be here before you know it so I have been working on several Valentine's Day crafts.

These were fun and OH SO PRIM and I listed them in my zibbet store and I have some I made and listed in my ETSY store as well.

Do you have a Valentine's tree? These will be cute hanging from a tree. Don't have one? Use a glass vase/jar or better yet take a veggie tin can and paint it brown then add some rocks and cut some twigs and poke in there and then hang these hearts from the twigs. Paint the twigs if you like white or leave natural for a nice prim look. These hearts are red and white so you could even tie red and white ribbon on your twigs/branches and have a finished look! Heehee as I type this I am going to make me one and I will surely post a pic once I am done.

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Susan said...

Luv these! So cute!