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Wednesday, December 15, 2010

EOD Master Badge on glass

I made another glass painting of the Master EOD badge.

I listed this one in my zibbet online store to feel the waters. Normally these can be found in my etsy store, but I am wanting to see how well zibbet does on getting info out into cyber space etc.. They are not as popular as etsy, Artfire or ebay yet, but I really like the feel and have high hopes this market place will reach far and wide.

I was hoping to have several of these made before the Holiday's, but we just had to much going on and time is not a good friend to me right now. LOL

I will be listing more EOD items soon. My husband just did a wonderful EOD poem that I will put onto glass and I will also do another EOD wives glass art. So be sure to check out my zibbet store often as this is where I will be posting them once they are ready.

Here is the listing for this badge:

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