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Monday, November 29, 2010

EOD wives prayer simulated stain glass

I started creating these wonderful EOD badges on glass back in 2003 and they have been a big hit ever sense. Unfortunately I do not make many of these due to the leading paint I have to squeeze out of the bottle hurts my hand so I am very limited to how many of these I make now a days.

This one was made by request (after I sent her one as a thank you gift) by a good friend Jennifer S.
Our Husbands were stationed together in HI in the mid to late 90's and we've been friends ever sense.

Thank you Jen for asking me to create another one of these for you. I know this is going as a bunko gift, but I hope whom ever is the lucky lady enjoys it!

Blessings to all the wonderful STRONG EOD wives out there!


Heather Fankhauser said...

this is beautiful <3 if you would make one or two i would love them
Heather USMC EOD wife

Creation's by Gena said...

It takes me time to create one of these, but I will be doing another one and it will be up for sale in my zibbet online store along with some EOD badges so please keep an eye out for them :)