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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

what are primitive crafts?

Ok, so I have been asked what is Primitive? What are Prim Crafts?
Well I happened to stumble across this great article written by BOBW
that I would like to share with you so you can be in the "NOW I KNOW" .

Primitive Decorating With Primitive Country Crafts

Primitive Decorating With Primitive Country Crafts: Just what is all of the buzz? Well it is sort of like "old" country. So maybe some people called it "country crafts" , this would be "primitive country crafts". Primitive or "Prim" as a lot of people call it, is something that is made to look old, or maybe is already old. "Grunging" is a word associated with making things look old.

Some other words that you may hear are primitive ornies, bowl fillers, tucks, and flatties. Ornies and bowl fillers could be fabric snow flakes, snowmen, bunnies, stars, flags, or sheep to name a few. They are cut out of fabric, sewn and stuffed, and then made to look old or "primitive". A tuck or flattie is just a flatter version.

To me Primitive Decorating is a feeling. A feeling of times gone by. A time when things were simple. There were no TVs, cell phones or computers. And nobody complained that they didn't have anything to do. Nobody tried to have a better car than the neighbor. It was fun to sit around and talk with family and friends.

You can find these "Prim Treasures" almost anywhere. Or even make them yourself. A lot of times you will see an old wooden box or bowl that is filled with ornies and some accents of maybe rose hips or tree foliage. And it is so easy to change your primitive display to match the season. So maybe put some Santa or Snowmen ornies with some holly or pine and you have an instant Christmas Prim display.

There are no rules and no limits. The only limit is your imagination! You can use old tools, kitchen utensils, or even old toys in your display.

Many times faux techniques are used to make things look primitive. There are lots of techniques to make things rusty or "grungy". The information and "recipes" for these techniques can easily be found on the internet.

If you want to do some primitive decorating with primitive country crafts, just start looking at some primitive web sites to get ideas. Some people just buy everything that they need and then assemble it. Keep your eyes open at thrift stores, flea markets, and yard sales for primitive treasures. Sometimes you have to visualize how something will look after you put your prim magic on it! You can also join some primitive groups and forums to get ideas.

So now that you know what primitive decorating is all about, be sure to check out my ETSY store for some fun Halloween Prim crafts!

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