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Thursday, September 23, 2010

The dresser I painted for my daughter..

ok so today I finally painted this old ugly dresser my mom gave Tracie and she used to keep it in her closet.
this is what it looked liked. I forgot to take a pic before I took the drawers all out but you get the idea on how it looked.

these are the ugly brass handles that Tracie hates. She asked me to paint them as well.
so I painted this dresser a color called River Rock. It is a funky light blue. Kinda a greyish greenish blue. Not really sure, but it is light and really pretty.

heehee Autumn was making sure I was doing everything correct.

so here is the end result. After painting it I went back and added some brown paint, well it was a tan really and lightly distressed it.

I painted the handles a flat Almond color. Looks really shabby if I may say so myself.
So now it will sit in my guest room (cause it is to heavy to carry back upstairs)
till we pack all of Tracie's stuff and take it to her in TX.

Hope she likes it!

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