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Thursday, August 26, 2010


My babies!

Today I started to do a little shopping to gather some things for my Daughter whom will be graduating the Coast Guard basic training come Sept. 3rd and will be heading to her first duty station all the way to TX. She will be getting her first apartment and I have just gotten over whelmed trying to think of everything she will need. She has her bedroom stuff, but other then that NADDA. I was able to get her a white teapot and a white toaster..LOL

Once she gets home I think we will head up to IKEA for apartment shopping.
LOVE IKEA Guess I should make a list first so I don't go in wondering what to get.
I look so forward to her coming back home even if it is for a few short days before she leaves.

My son is still over in the desert and doesn't return till Oct. which I HATE. Here we are in Ga, Daughter going to be in TX and our son in NJ when he gets back and the rest of the family in FL. WOW. Holiday's surely aren't going to be the same here.

Thankfully I have my art to help pass the time. My daughter has already stated she wants me to paint all her pictures. I guess I need to get to selling more items on ETSY and ZIBBET to buy her household goodies too! LOL

Never a dull moment I tell yah.

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