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Thursday, July 8, 2010

yabble dabble babble

Well our son safely arrived to do another rotaion in the Middle East for another 4 months. I hate that he is there. I know it sounds funny as I could deal with it better when my husband was over there then my child. Our daughter ships out for her basic training in 4 days. She is going into the Coast Guard. Our son is in the Air Force and my James is retired Army. If I had more children perhaps we could cover the other branches! LOL

So once the house is all ours... what shall we do?? Empty nesters at 40! Oh how fun! Old enough to know better and still young enough to do it!! LOL

I know I need to start on some of my fall crafts. Kinda hard to think of fall when it is in the 90's right now, but oh how I can't wait for lower temps again.

I hope everyone is having a safe summer thus far. Stay tuned for more posts featuring new art!

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