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Sunday, March 14, 2010

New ETSY Banner for my ETSY store

Today I made a new etsy banner for my etsy store.
Check it out:

I need to add new items in my store as I am tired of looking at the same things
every time I go to my shop.
I lowered the price on some things as well in hopes this will promote some sales.
It is hard trying to think of something that someone might like to buy.
I love to paint and create fun things when I am not busy with other pressing matters.
I just think of it as a way to sell my stuff (if it sells) so it is not gathering dust in my office studio.
Anytime my art or crafts can bring a smile to someone it makes me happy because that is my goal really. To spread some cheer through art. :)

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O Arrow said...

Super cute shop! I know how you feel about how hard it is to sell your art. I have an etsy shop as well and it can be a little sloooooow sometimes! I hope it picks up for us both soon!