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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Wishing for snow...

Well it has been down right frigid here the past few days. Lows in the teens high in the 30's. Brrrrrrrr
The news has forecasted that we just might get some snow with the next Arctic front that is pushing through. How exciting. Snow.
Being from FL I have never seen "real" snow. Sense being here in GA I have seen a good dusting and lots of ice but surely never any knee deep snow.
So in the anticipation of the snow I created this cute table center piece using white candles that I wrote on using silver paint and covered in German glass glitter. I put them in a glass plate then added snow around and I made snow balls using Styrofoam and joint compound and mica flakes and more German glass. Once on the plate I added some glass crystals and some greenery and a few snow flakes embellishments.
So as some people do a rain dance in the summer, I will light my" let it snow" candles in the winter and wish for snow. teehee

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Peace said...

Love these pictures and your plight is heartbreaking! I definitely need to send you some snow!! It's just not right!! :O)